19 Oct 2010

First Stop – Lisbon

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I was anxiously awaiting the opening of the boarding gate for the Easyjet flight to Faro, my bag was well in excess of the enforced 15kg max. As it turns out the lady who didn’t even look up when checking my passport barely blinked when my bag came in over twice the limit. Despite the elation of not having to pay or even split the contents into separate bags I was silently resentful that my feat of carrying an Indian carry all with no handles went unrecognised.

I settled into the middle of three seats, clearly a move the couple would come to regret as my well travelled unwashed self penetrated the barriers formed by their imposing Eau de Toilette. I surely hope they came to regret leaving that seat free and hope it was because they had a lovers quarrel and and not because they were selfish gits looking for more leg room.

Upon arriving in Faro I was met by my Father and the legend that is Dave who would be helping me sail the Contessa from Lisbon back past Faro to Portamao.

The drive up to Lisbon (80kph) took as long as my commute across London and as long as the flight to Portugal (650kph), the journey back would take five days at a leisurely (5kph).

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