22 Oct 2010

Released – Why thank you Sir!

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Well, not sure where to start….

We managed to reverse and crash into our berth last night, hadn’t thought to consider how we were going to slow down our reverse momentum ūüôĀ After the boat was frisked, we were told to pick up the boat papers and passport the following day from the Captain’s office but first we had to go to the Marine police – oh and the captain goes for a three hour lunch at 13:00 so be quick they said.

We sat down with the fishermen and calmed our nerves frayed by paperwork and bullshit, finished the night off with a bottle of red and a curry.

The Engineer my old man had found was here at 09:30 and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. The cable was lose and not engaging the clutch correctly …. so simple, we had tried forcing the gearbox lever across but hadn’t thought to remove the cable which was restricting it’s movement.

We then went and bought new fire extinguishers and brought them to the Marine Police, the RYA had faxed across proof of my sailing competence (was impossible to make out my face in the fax). The police just shoved the piece of paper into a drawer, no doubt to be lost and forgotten. Police man called their Chief, who arrived 30 minutes later with an Engineer, they wanted to see the boat and proof that she was fixed.

Having proved she was fixed we went to his office. He was very kind and allowed us to park in his spot and treated us with the utmost respect. Bit of friendly banter ensured that the sum he plucked from the sky for his time would be lower than that of a scowling resentful Brit.

Having paid the 20 euro charge and shaken hands we took a photo, he surprised me by asking for a copy of the photo and provided me with his email address. You see they need to justify their jobs and to have a photo of a sailor who is grateful for a wasted 24 hours jumping from office to office and spending 100 euros on crap allows them to indulge in their self importance. No diggity he will show his wife and friends with pride that sailors are thankful for his efforts and deserves to remain chief .. no doubt it will end up in the office we were waiting in.

Will I send him the picture ….. ha … of course I will, what can I say I am vain.

Was a great learning curve, albeit a time wasting and expensive one.

I blame the EU!

Next stop non stop to Lagos, 20knt winds are expected.

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