25 Oct 2010

On the Hard

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It’s been one week and I have pushed her to the edge and broken everything I could, she has shown me her human weaknesses and made me giggle in delight as she defied the wrath of Poseidon. Now it’s my turn to look after her and set her right for crossing the Atlantic. I have professional riggers, sail makers, electrician, painters and surveyors available to help me make the right choices.

As I am a cheap skate, every penny I spend now means less time on the water, as such I went for the cheaper option of getting the Contessa out of the water. You can either get a cradle to lift you out or a tractor —– NEVER use a tractor!

We ended up grinding the keel on the slipway, they couldn’t give a hoot, I silently wept.

Now it’s action time ..

Dave is heading to the Canaries on the 16th of November in his 26 footer, so this is my deadline to get the boat ready. I have so much to do in so little time, it’s like being at work again except it’s my money and the reward is far greater – strange that.


  1. Tidy up the rigging, replace the forestay, create an inner forestay (furling genoa isn’t going to get me back East across the Atlantic) for hanked on storm jib.
  2. Water proof the boat, 2 leaking windows
  3. Fix the vibration in the prop shaft – replace the bushes
  4. New liferaft bracket.
  5. Overhaul the electrics
  6. Oh .. learn to sail.

I will take photos as I do the jobs, hopefully it will help others with similar boats.

I am doing this all on a tight budget! My aim to to make those big spender choke on their GnT’s.

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    Frnakly I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

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    Frnkaly I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

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