31 Oct 2010

Real Food

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Fresh Veg

We easily forget the value of what we eat, we religiously buy the green tomatoes or treat ourselves to the red baubles that are ‘Supermarket’s Finest’ range. How lucky we are to have such a diverse selection of produce created for our ever demanding society, quick food for people on the go….. hah!

Aware that we are drifting off the path nature might have intended people buy carrots with mud on them because they appear more natural (they are actually the same) or spend extra on the new fad ‘organic’ food. Consumerism … shifting patterns … must stop .. blabbing ..

Anyhow, where I am staying there is a lady who sells her veg for 50c. Pomegranates by the kilo for 1 Euro. She is 88 years old, I would love to grow to that age and be that active.

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  1. Reply Teresa says:

    Ahhh this makes me so nostalgic! This blog is a really great read – Looking forward to your next post xx

  2. Reply JT says:

    How random, how does your brain work …. no please don’t explain :p

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