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21 Nov 2010

Quick update – pants!

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I would look with unadultarated disdain in the direction of the my neighbour as his shoes scuffed my fancy Italian silk trousers in the tightly packed tube, this wasn’t just a blemish my wife would have to obediantly scrub clean but a blot on my otherwise flawless image; curse this juvile youth with his ragged jeans and nonplaused vacant look…. Well I don’t think like that and quite frankly my appearance has never ranked any higher than the tops of my odd socks, however it is with some satisfaction that for the last three weeks I have been coming home caked in a mixture of epoxy, antifouling and paint.

I realise I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks been very busy, and without internet, so here goes a quick run down.

I was fined 255 Euro by the tards for having out of date fire extinguishers, see earlier post for details.

I have completed my VHF course, so I can now successfully insult people over the radio. Met an interesting couple there who are going cruising with their two children! Link to their site

Didn’t get sponsorship from TiaMaria!

I have also missed my leaving date of the 16th of November, it’s impossible to set a date, people don’t turn up / deliveries don’t arrive, you name it. Hopefully I will be departing on the 28th of November.

18 Nov 2010

How to fix your Volvo Penta 2002 water pump.

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I have a volvo 2GM20 with a massive 16hp of puff, it’s in good nick, even so it has been completely overhauled especially since it leaked as much water as I had to pump out.

Mine was spouting water, although not much of a concern it would get worse over time. I set about buying all the spares I needed to rebuild the water pumps components, the parts for the pump alone came to £250 then came the fun of removing and assembling it ….

Items Required

Items Required

Items required.

Insert Bearing

Insert the seal / bearing

Bearings shaft and locking seal

Bearings shaft and locking seal

Two bearings and a locking seal go into one end, use a socket set piece and a hydrolic press to get the two bearings onto the shaft first, then also using the hydrolic press push the shaft with the two bearings into the casing.


Pushing in the bearings

Nice wrist action - inserting the bearings

To get the bearings in you need a hydrolic press, Serj the local engineer who when not chasing tail or wrapping his car round lamp posts can fix / make anything.

Water pump mounted

Ready to roll, note the hand crank on the engine, I haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

01 Nov 2010

What to call the boat – not Marijuana!

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I am incapable of pronouncing the name of the yacht which really doesn’t bode well. Calling mayday while calling out the name of a class B drug probably won’t get me the attention I am looking for.

Sitting down with D and D over lunch they asked me what names I had thought of. Maria sprung straight into my mind, for two reasons both refer to first loves – both had amazing curves, both were high maintenance however the latter being made out of fibreglass would hopefully spare me the sinking feeling of the first.

‘Why not name it after your Sister?’ Hmmmm …… no, can’t call a boat Teresa, besides the way I refer to my boat would be inappropriate if it had my sisters name.

But Maria and Teresa could be merged to form an original name, Maria-Teresa, Maiesa, Teria …. or …. or …. the constituent part for one of the best drinks … ‘TiaMaria’. I might even be able to get sponsorship and spread Lebowski love all round the world, all dudes and dudettes will live happily in the warm glow of White Russians (the drink, not the skinny northeners).