01 Nov 2010

What to call the boat – not Marijuana!

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I am incapable of pronouncing the name of the yacht which really doesn’t bode well. Calling mayday while calling out the name of a class B drug probably won’t get me the attention I am looking for.

Sitting down with D and D over lunch they asked me what names I had thought of. Maria sprung straight into my mind, for two reasons both refer to first loves – both had amazing curves, both were high maintenance however the latter being made out of fibreglass would hopefully spare me the sinking feeling of the first.

‘Why not name it after your Sister?’ Hmmmm …… no, can’t call a boat Teresa, besides the way I refer to my boat would be inappropriate if it had my sisters name.

But Maria and Teresa could be merged to form an original name, Maria-Teresa, Maiesa, Teria …. or …. or …. the constituent part for one of the best drinks … ‘TiaMaria’. I might even be able to get sponsorship and spread Lebowski love all round the world, all dudes and dudettes will live happily in the warm glow of White Russians (the drink, not the skinny northeners).

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2 Responses to “What to call the boat – not Marijuana!”

  1. Reply Jane R says:

    Great website and very funny! We’re looking forward to hearing about more of your travels and writings. : )

  2. Reply Ash says:

    Hey Chris!

    How about MiaTaria… instead of getting busted for copywrite!!!

    Is she ready to get her feet wet again yet?

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