21 Nov 2010

Quick update – pants!

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I would look with unadultarated disdain in the direction of the my neighbour as his shoes scuffed my fancy Italian silk trousers in the tightly packed tube, this wasn’t just a blemish my wife would have to obediantly scrub clean but a blot on my otherwise flawless image; curse this juvile youth with his ragged jeans and nonplaused vacant look…. Well I don’t think like that and quite frankly my appearance has never ranked any higher than the tops of my odd socks, however it is with some satisfaction that for the last three weeks I have been coming home caked in a mixture of epoxy, antifouling and paint.

I realise I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks been very busy, and without internet, so here goes a quick run down.

I was fined 255 Euro by the tards for having out of date fire extinguishers, see earlier post for details.

I have completed my VHF course, so I can now successfully insult people over the radio. Met an interesting couple there who are going cruising with their two children! Link to their site www.janerodenburg.com

Didn’t get sponsorship from TiaMaria!

I have also missed my leaving date of the 16th of November, it’s impossible to set a date, people don’t turn up / deliveries don’t arrive, you name it. Hopefully I will be departing on the 28th of November.

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