05 Dec 2010

Update – Aiming to leave Jan 2011

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Well smoke me a kipper, ruffle me a peasant and grab me a milkmaid for I shall be in for Christmas ūüôĀ I have avoided the Christmas red commonly unavoidably planted as you enter the shop by entering through the exit¬†preferring¬†the 2009 Burgundy red, however strangely once the latter red is consumed the former becomes all the more tolerable.

I hope to leave before then, but my parents have laid on a smattering of emotional blackmail that borders on choking. The boat will be in the water, I just can’t decide whether to sail around the med getting intimate with Maria or fly to the UK and sign up to the dole while I am there…. why not!

On a serious note, I haven’t touched anything that has a legal age requirement since leaving the UK. Will remain that way till the boat touches water again …. had to edit the rest out after my mum left a box of tissues next to my bed …. seriously!

So frustrating not being able to finish the boat simply because of rain.

On a side note I have discovered flossing – where have you been all my life, seriously Baz Luhrmann despite sounding like a spreadable product really is a Deity. Floss try it, every day, it’s so yummy … edible floss now there is an idea, I hate clearing up the pieces next to the sink.

Also sugar! Wow it’s amazing makes stuff, sweet, I am obviously making the right sounds when I eat it since mum is making cakes almost every day! Loving it at home but there is a reason I left home 10 years ago, need freedom!

Bloody weather.

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  1. Reply Mr Hunt says:

    Coming to the UK for festives then? Make sure make a trip up warehouses way, feel better paying my dues.


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