16 Jul 2011

I am Mogan

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I have left Las Palmas some time ago, I have been working my way round what’s left of the Canaries. Can’t comment on any of it as it’s all pretty boring except for Mogan which is what I expected when I came to the Canaries. People here change from swimming trunks to shorts in the evening and you won’t see anyone puffing on a cancer stick, nor ash trays on the tables to encourage the notion ….. is this a sign of money or education. Mogan has character something the entire of the Canaries lacks, it is tiny though.

Porto Rico is the place to go if you want to drink 1.50 pints or buy a G&T only to get the bottle, so desperate are they to make you stay in a venue where the declining tourism is evident by the vacant lots, no charity shops here. The queues waiting for the booze cruises says it all.

Also went to Playa Ingles or Maspolomas – which was good fun … if you are 18 and like vomiting in streets. I enjoyed curb walking and staring at the passed out Western Euro trash for the non to conspicuous  ‘Priceless’ moment. I embellish a tad, I enjoyed myself, wouldn’t go there on holiday.

Anfil Del Mal – I anchored of that place which is the worlds largest timeshare, nice anchorage but nothing at all there.

I really do have to sail somewhere worldly, just need to spin a wheel to decide which direction, I am all touristed out, leave for Cape Verde within the week.



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  1. Reply Nelson says:

    Flott Randi, da har vi som me5 ve6re hjemme og me5ke snf8 og fyre i ovnen noe e5 se frem til. Dine bieldr og beskrivelser gjf8r at en er pe5 nettet og sjekker mulighet for plass. Hils kjente og NYT ferien.Ole

  2. Reply Risqimohammad says:

    He viajado por todo el mundo de la mano de Lonely Planet y todos tene9is razf3n en parte. El espedritu credtico de las guedas y el afe1n por sralise de los circuitos cle1sico-turedstico-masificados le hacen caer a veces en generalizaciones un tanto desgraciadas. Aunque tambie9n es cierto que nunca he visto una credtica tan despiadada, y en parte, aunque por desgracia solo en parte, incorrecta.Lonely Planet admite comentarios y re9plicas de todo el mundo, de hecho las guedas se van reescribiendo con las aportaciones de los viajeros, quize1 en este caso merece un tirf3n de orejas de los que me1s sabe9is de la zona, y recomendarles una excursif3n por La Palma, La Gomera, Fuerteventura, El Hierro antes de ser tan dre1sticos.

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