02 Nov 2011

London the home of a thousand glances, yet few smiles

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Coming out of Liverpool street station wearing flipflops summer slacks and a brightly coloured hoody I was greeted by the evening stampede of commuters whose eyes rarely deviated from the floor, some so intent on their phones no doubt twittering their intentions to their unbeknown neighbour – that it was a miracle how spaces were not violated.

That space, those circles that Londoner’s surround themselves in has really taken the wind out of my sails. It’s like being at the zoo, observing a freak show of sapiens behind the safety of bars with a notice reading do not approach. Like a large thriving mass it feeds on decadence and paranoia, the novelty has worn thin, my enthusiasm waned.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, been out way too much, met loads of people, yet interestingly enough it’s been a rather hollow experience, few can step beyond those circles and past the bars.

Looking forward to returning home to Gomera, yet at the same time torn to stay – the pressures of Londoner’s are beginning to play on my conscious … ambition …or brainwashing … it’s certainly a greyer outlook on life.

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5 Responses to “London the home of a thousand glances, yet few smiles”

  1. Reply Ben says:

    Yup. There’s a reason Brussels is calling…

    • Reply Lau says:

      Hello vous 3,Que du bonheur de vous saoivr enfin arrive9s au Cap-Vert. J’espe8re que vous allez bien et que le moral soit aussi au rdv.Chez nous, il fait tre8s froid la nuit et le matin mais l’apre8s-midi c’est plutf4t cle9ment 13 e0 15b0.Toujours pas de neige e0 l’horizon car il fait trop doux pour la saison.Reposez-vous bien et profitez de de9couvrir cette nouvelle eele.J’attends avec impatience quelques photos de votre traverse9e.Tout plein de gros bisous e0 tous les 3 :)

  2. Reply Mel and Nick says:

    Sitting here, eating Amberjack, cooked to perfection by Mel, after a day doing nothing but recovering from drinking a bucket of sangria made by the loving hand of yours and our favourite gay barman.

    The whistling sound you can hear is your soul being sucked out of you by London.
    Return to paradise before it’s too late!

    Nick and Mel

  3. Reply A friend from Las Palmas says:

    Chris, do what you want and be wherever you want to be, but don´t forget who you are!

  4. Reply Mardi says:

    I do surely hope that you share some stories of our London meeting Mr Stranger Sailor…? Our private impromptu (and world class might I add) Puppet Show @ Wiltons with The Duke Special is something I’m unlikely to forget ;)

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