23 Dec 2011

Orphans & Asses

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Curious case of Benjamin button today as walking back from the bakers I serenaded into a Orphanage. Surrounded by ex-pats come born again philanthrophists who never had their moment on the stage as the beauty pagent revealing which ailments they would cure the world of. Forgotten by their sired generation, they be dead, and remembered from afar by their own children they cast their doting affection on those nearer to home.

The multi-national choir of three legged renegades made their way to perform on stage accompanied by their entourage of zimmer frames, walking sticks, braces and the odd hip flask for various means of support. Eventually the absent children made their way into the room, took me a moment to realise that the same spectacle that arose my interest that led me into the building was a quality shared by all the children, without a shadow of a doubt the most well fed bunch of Portugese children I had come across. Pork being the national favourite dish it was clear these little porkers could have done with a little less, I immediately felt a pang of guilt aware that my present would undoubtly hasten their hardship of the expanding waistbands.

Was a bountiful xmas.

The choir was the best I have seen, singing Christmas carols in three different languages offsetting each other and really creating an atmosphere. The children said thank you and as quickly as they arrived, departed arms overflowing in presents … bit of an anti-climax … personally wanted to tie the presents to a donkey and have the children chase them with a pin and tail.

Een ezel stoot zich geen twee maal aan dezelfde steen.

Speaking of Donkey’s that brings me onto a visit to a sanctuary for aforementioned creatures who were left beside the road as the EU’s misplaced funds introduced an economic boom that seems to only have benefited construction and car sales. The man who rode the donkey was given a car, the mule that operated the mans’ irrigation pump was replaced by an electric motor, as such our four legged mammals ended up in a cosey retirement home / sanctuary. As for the man, well he didn’t know how to drive the car and only after causing three pile ups had the vehicle removed, ‘aha’ you say ‘the police cottoned onto his shoddy driving’ … no…. the bank deleted his car for missing his monthly payments as a result of the Chinese made electric irrigation pump rusting and his crops failing. Moral of the story … can’t beat a good ass.

p.s. They were all lovely! And a big high five to the volunteers of both the Orphanage and the Donkey Sactuary – if you are in need of an Donkey or Hound http://www.refugiodosburros.webeden.co.uk/
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