Job List

On Deck

  1. Rubbing plates for the cockpit main sheet when going down wind.
  2. Rubbing plate for centre cleats. Springs rub against the teak toe rail.
  3. Sand out the thick gelcoat where crazing has occurred, fill in with epoxy?
  4. Repaint the deck – using?
  5. Kiwigrip grippy areas
  6. Cetol / varnish the washboard.
  7. Removing all fixtures and reseat.
  8. Remove broken solar panel.
  9. Fit waterproof cig lighter in cockpit
  10. Install lighting in the cockpit / wind breaker / stow away / wind gen pole
  11. Fix leaking windows. – removed the gebo hatch sanded / sealed and reseated. Replaced leaking window.
  12. Repair sprayhood.


  1. Buy new boom with built in reefing lines.
  2. Run reefing lines to the cockpit
  3. Replace 2 winches with self tailing
  4. Replace mast winch
  5. Install AIS antenna
  6. Re-Chrome the original Lewmar genoa winches.
  7. Install an inner forestay.
  8. New cleats to tidy up lines at the mast
  9. New sheets


  1. Replace cushions with something cheaper / lighter.
  2. Make a mattress to sleep on.
  3. Reduce the size of the table so you can actually sit around it.
  4. Install electric fans. – installed 1
  5. Replace lighting with LED’s. Keep lights warm.
  6. Install shelves to maximise the space used in the cupboards and to allow for books.
  7. Devise a method to maximise the shelving in the forepeak, consider cargo netting.
  8. Install amber LED mood / night lighting.
  9. Install recessed lights into the forepeak

Navigation & Electrical

  1. Calculate power requirements
  2. Buy wind gen and AC rectifier
  3. Extend the hight of the wind gen pole
  4. Install AIS and engine
  5. Make a case for Satallite phone & easy to remove in emergency
  6. Test email and weather systems with sat phone.
  7. Configure and test PC chart plotter
  8. New car radio
  9. Install speakers in cockpit
  10. Identify wiring.
  11. Create wiring diagram.
  12. Rewire switch panel / bus bars – half done
  13. Change MMSI number on VHF
  14. Change MMSI number on EPIRB and service
  15. Mount hand held VHF inside yet near the door / washboard.


  1. Buy white flares

Hull and Steering gear

  1. Buy and install vane steering.

Shallow tray for toast / grill
Mount the new fire extinguishers

Checklists and inventories

Handheld VHF in Grab bag – battery powere
British Ensign

Anti Fouling

Chain Snubber
Remove all sails
Identify the sails to be used on passage
Repair the sails
Fix the furling genoa – service
Replace the furling reefing sheet – longer + wider diam
Mount the traveller on the toe rail
Test manual engine start
Bigger Prop
Bushes on the stern tube
Bushes on the rudder / rudder has lots of play
Water Pump on engine
Service Outboard
Galley Drain
Galley water pressure pump
Service Windex
Autohelm – find a method to secure tightly
Autohelm – fix the connection in the cockpit
Autohelm – ensure it always has a power supply
Buy a second backup handheld GPS unit
Replace the lights with LED units
Purchase another battery
Complete review / create diagram of the electrics
New Fuse for the Navtext
Review power reqs – Consider mounting another solar panel
Have a method to show power remaining / charge rate / rate of discharge
Radar reflector on the mast
Sea-Me active reflector
AIS purchase engine
AIS fit / antenna splitter
Test computer setup – get the electronic charts
Torches everywhere
Mount a light in the cockpit for reading
Sat phone
DC-DC converter
Search light direct from 12v
Remove old anchor chain
Aquire larger anchor and review chain length
Create a drain pipe to feed anchor into forward berth
Devise method to remove rope from prop
Slab or Roller Rigging
test sea cocks – WC no work

Maintenance & Various

  1. Tender
  2. Tender outboard
  3. Prepare grab bag
  4. Buy Binoculars
  5. Buy hand held VHF
  6. Buy Gloves for hauling anchor
  7. Bracket to hold toilet seat up.
  8. Bracket to prevent the sink from sliding out.
  9. Polish the flag pole – ooh er!
  10. Buy British Ensign
  11. Buy extra fuel cans