I read a story about a family that went travelling with their children in 2007 up the Amazon, that and meeting some colourful figures who lived out on the water planted the seed that would blossom one September night when I was having dinner with friends and they informed me of the early demise of a 32 year old who didn’t smoke or drink. The fact I was considering a switch of jobs and the world recession was in full swing I decided to do the mature adult thing. I bought a boat and set sail for distant shores in search of good food and the perfect kite surfing spot, as far away as possible from the tosh people spend hours absorbing every night via their portals into others lives. When does the news become fun?

I was going to buy a Contessa 26 but it was really too small and when I heard the owner had bought a 32 I knew why. I found Maria a Contessa 32 in Lisbon and sailed her down to Portimao for a refit. I had no offshore experience other than a day skipper course I took at the spur of a moment when at uni 8 years ago. I ┬áplan for the time being to sail solo to Brazil via the Canaries then back to the UK. The Canaries – Cape Verde – Gambia – Brazil – Carrib – BMI – Azores. Why solo – because it’s a challenge.

So far I have loved every minute of it, and I am looking forward to what’s still to come.

My favourite moment so far was a detour as a result of the coast guard http://therebepirates.com/2010/10/21/yarrrgh-we-be-boarded-by-the-police/ … there is so much I have grounded my boat, been detained by the police and well read it for yourself …