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23 Jul 2011

Still in Mogan – update

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Quite like the place, I am on anchorage. I personally love being at anchor the rocking motion of the boat is lovely, that said sometimes with the changing tide and the swell I do feel a tad nauseous.

Few updates:

– Nothing lasts in this heat, I threw away all of my bottled cheese. Bottling brie and Camembert was a big mistake, the only cheese that survived was the cheapest gouda stuff.

– I had a lot of dry cured ham in vacuum packs, upon opening the pantry all of the packets were distended and the bacteria hard at work, I used it to catch fish, however, in Mogan it’s only ickle sardines so they can’t bite the hooks. Going to try the present Chris and James gave me and try to catch a big crab using the net they gave me. There was a 2meter mantra ray circling my boat the other day.

– Even wine does not bode well in these 30c boat temperatures, a lot of the red wine has gone off. This might have something to do with the wine being stored horizontal and it not breathing?

– What does work is biltong, it’s as tough as a truncheon but stick it in a stew and it’s nice-ish. But the stew doesn’t last 2 days so I am wasting a fair amount of gas on small dishes.

– Have a real problem with my power generation, even my 80w solar panel which I put out when on anchor is only generating 2A, in this sun it should be 5A, with only one 80A battery (40A of which is usable) I am still having to turn the motor on every third day. I have resorted to using the starter battery a few times but had a scare when the engine wouldn’t tick over, since I am on anchor I can’t afford not to start it when needed in case my anchor fails and I smash into the cliff 20m away.

Yes, I need to venture to Gambia, but’s it’s so hot here I am reluctant to head further south.

16 Jul 2011

I am Mogan

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I have left Las Palmas some time ago, I have been working my way round what’s left of the Canaries. Can’t comment on any of it as it’s all pretty boring except for Mogan which is what I expected when I came to the Canaries. People here change from swimming trunks to shorts in the evening and you won’t see anyone puffing on a cancer stick, nor ash trays on the tables to encourage the notion ….. is this a sign of money or education. Mogan has character something the entire of the Canaries lacks, it is tiny though.

Porto Rico is the place to go if you want to drink 1.50 pints or buy a G&T only to get the bottle, so desperate are they to make you stay in a venue where the declining tourism is evident by the vacant lots, no charity shops here. The queues waiting for the booze cruises says it all.

Also went to Playa Ingles or Maspolomas – which was good fun … if you are 18 and like vomiting in streets. I enjoyed curb walking and staring at the passed out Western Euro trash for the non to conspicuous  ‘Priceless’ moment. I embellish a tad, I enjoyed myself, wouldn’t go there on holiday.

Anfil Del Mal – I anchored of that place which is the worlds largest timeshare, nice anchorage but nothing at all there.

I really do have to sail somewhere worldly, just need to spin a wheel to decide which direction, I am all touristed out, leave for Cape Verde within the week.