05 Jan 2012

RANT – bottles – water from the tap not cool?

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A sea of bottles!

Why do people drink water out of bottles, what’s wrong with tap water, how did people survive before bottled water. What a farce, it’s more expensive than fuel and destroys the environment, what will people make of us in the future ‘Yeah, we don’t quite understand?! They had water piped to houses and drinking machines, yet they preferred it out of plastic.’ It’s equal to using natural gas to produce electricity – CRIMINAL, natural gas is easy to transport to homes, use something that’s tougher to transport to make electricity like coal. And if any greenfingering water bottle drinking pimping ho decides to say that burning coal is not environmentally clean then please prostrate oneself over a 5l container….


Far more comprehensive discussion of water bottles can be found http://businessshrink.biz/psychologyofbusiness/2008/04/26/americas-dirtly-little-oil-secret-plastic-bottles-and-bags/

People sailing the world dredging up the millions of tonnes of floating plastic waste in the Atlantic http://www.panexplore.com/


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8 Responses to “RANT – bottles – water from the tap not cool?”

  1. Reply Ben says:

    Well, I’m not drinking the tap water here because it’s tainted with cholera…

    • Reply Chris says:

      Was in reference to the UK. Where simple items such as mugs have been replaced by disposable products, to what aim … convenience?

    • Reply Alex says:

      pretty chillen stuff, My dad’s negtitg a grady white soon within the next couple of weeks, cant wait to take it offshore (From our homeport miami) to the keys and do some serious overnight fishing, nice video!

    • Reply Bertha says:

      At last! Something clear I can undaestrnd. Thanks!

    • Reply Iniciadosa says:

      Well done for starting your own blog . I’ll dienietfly be back to read it I’ll pop your post in the carnival next week so I hope lots of other people pop over too x

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