23 Sep 2011

El Cedro – 6 hour one way walk 1200m climb

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El Cedro is paradise, it’s located a good hour or two by car from San Sabastian. There is a sailing school CanarySail.com with 5 boats in the marina, they are always busy and having seen the rest of the Canaries they certainly have the best spot …. through them I met a Dutch guy who wanted to hire a car and and explore the island … and so started my love affair.

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We arrived in El Cedro having driven through lush dense forests with thick mist providing the overture, one that sadly didn’t climax in the earth vibrating to the footsteps of a chasing Tyrannosaurus. Where there was a break in the cloud the sight that greeted us was quite spectacular.

P1000951.JPG In El Cedro is a little camp site and restaurant, they pick the water cress every morning and make the best soup for 3EU or if you’r in the mood you can eat the sacrificial goat the non existent dinosaur didn’t devour for a humble 6eu. I ended up going there 5 times either with the local ex pats or hitch hiking. I stayed over night in the Campsite for a few days after Roberto lent me a 22 year old Norwegian sleeping bag, the lady who runs the restaurant became very friendly when she saw my enthusiasm for her food and gave me little treats for my hikes.

Everyone in the campsite was German and quite astonished when I turned up with just a sleeping bag sans tent, hiking boots, a free tourist map and clearly lacking common sense.  Didn’t take long to win them over and we drank the place dry, turned down the offer for a place in their tents and woke up to a great view of doves flying in and out of cloud cover.


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